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Fleury Vastgoed!

 Fleury Vastgoed specializes in the locked and purchase and rental and leasing of real estate. For mortgages we turn a licensed mortgage agency, which looks beyond the paycheck. It's not about what you can spend, but what you want to spend on monthly payments.

We guide the conciliation from A to Z, so that our clients can focus on the nicer things that come with a move, such as the design of the new home.

Fleury Vastgoed is located in the Laak district on the border of Old Rijswijk and The Hague. Because of its good location near highways and good public transport, we do not only work in The Hague.

What can you expect as a customer from us:

Customization and service! Whether it comes to appraisals, purchase and sale, or lease of property or a mortgage. Your wishes are paramount and Fleury Vastgoed provides a perfect realization.


Fleury Vastgoed was founded in 1996 thanks to a structural engineer where Nataša Kovačević (then 22 years young) had done many sales and purchases. He found its negotiations and guidance so well that he persuaded her to start her own business. The name was coined by Fleury him because Nataša told about her hobby flower arranging. Thanks to her commitment and perseverance consists Fleury Vastgoed 20 years.

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